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We are specialist in the following services:

Residential Cleaning

We manage single-family houses, chalets, flats, apartments, residences with absolute privacy, respecting and pampering the spaces in detail.


 We offer and coordinate our teams of trained professionals to provide our clients with the total convenience of outsourcing.

End of Construction Cleaning

We take care that after a work, reform, re-opening of a business or change of ownership, it is ready and impeccable to restart the activity.

Commercial Cleaning & Disinfection

We operate with the greatest effectiveness and agility in offices, shops, warehouses, offices, company transfers, end of work with high quality of service delivery.

Rental Houses Cleaning

Limpieza Mallorca has been taking care of the holiday sector throughout Mallorca for a long time, with speed and constancy, we clean hotels, holiday rental houses and leave them untouched for the future client who will occupy them.

Diogenes Syndrome Cleaning

Our experience supports us in this type of cleaning and, aware of the importance it entails, we carry out this service with discretion, advanced methodology, direction and organization.

Otros Servicios

Vaciado de Espacios

Nos encargamos de vaciar cualquier espacio de pertenencias, objetos y basura no deseados para devolver el lugar a su mejor estado posible. La limpieza y el orden están asegurados.

Limpieza de Yates & Barcos

Cuidamos y mimamos las diferentes superficies de barcos y yates, utilizando productos respetuosos con el medio ambiente. Limpieza de interiores y exteriores de embarcaciones: eliminación de salitre, óxido o moho de los cascos, limpieza a fondo de alfombras y sofás interiores, limpieza y mantenimiento de madera de teca, etc...

Limpieza de Grandes Superficies

Disponemos de máquinas industriales y todos los materiales adecuados para las diferentes superficies a limpiar. Actuamos con la mayor agilidad posible y con un valor inigualable.

Limpieza Prior & Post Eventos

Contamos con un equipo altamente especializado para ofrecer a nuestros clientes el servicio de limpieza perfecto para o después de cualquier tipo de evento, nos adaptamos a las necesidades de todos y cada uno de nuestros clientes.

Somos especialistas en servicios de limpieza en ferias, fiestas, congresos, conciertos, exposiciones, recepciones, stands, convenciones, etc. Nos adaptamos a las necesidades, requerimientos y espacio de nuestros clientes garantizando el más alto nivel de limpieza

Limpieza de Parkings & Garajes

Limpiamos todo tipo de garajes, tanto públicos como privados, independientemente de su tamaño, con productos específicos para eliminar grasas, marcas de neumáticos, rayones de automóviles y otras incidencias.

Limpieza & Desinfección por Covid19

Disponemos de equipos propios para la depuración de ambientes mediante ozonización. Este tipo de limpieza es perfecto para desinfectar y eliminar eficazmente virus, bacterias, gérmenes, microorganismos y todo tipo de malos olores en cualquier espacio.

Limpieza de Exteriores y Jardines

Realizamos el servicio de limpieza de jardines ya sea en comunidades vecinas, particulares, zonas verdes, etc. Nuestros técnicos especializados asesoran a nuestros clientes sobre el tipo de mantenimiento y limpieza adaptados a las necesidades de cada jardín.

Limpieza de Locales y Oficinas

La oficina es uno de los lugares donde más tiempo pasamos, por lo que un buen mantenimiento es fundamental. Por lo tanto, sabemos que capacitar a los empleados a fondo para brindar un mejor servicio de limpieza de oficinas también ayudará a crear un entorno de trabajo más limpio y agradable.

Passion in our work

We have the experience and trajectory of almost two decades, where we have successfully faced numerous cases that support us

Come home and find everything in order, enjoy a weekend with your loved ones knowing that the bathroom is clean. Limpieza Mallorca takes care of everything so you can enjoy you precious time with your loved ones.

An impeccable home is our mission

The main objective of our company is to perform cleaning services with maximum efficiency and quality, always satisfying and adapting to the needs of our clients

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How are our services budgeted?

When you contact us, our team will travel to examine the needs of the project and be able to customize the budget based on those needs. The magnitude of the work will be taken into account, as well as the number of people needed in the team and the hours needed. Machinery and products will also have to be considered. Each project is unique, and therefore requires a personalized assessment to present a fair budget.

What terms and times does Mallorca Cleaning offer?

We are committed to being diligent and making proposals promptly, as well as meeting deadlines.

What type of products do we work with?

 We always work with leading brands in machinery and products, and we have the necessary experience to respect all the materials to be cleaned with absolute guarantee.

Do you have specific COVID disinfection treatments?

specific anti-covid-19 cleaning. We also have all the necessary machinery and products. You can consult more information about our ozone cleaning in the section: Services

What about delicate materials?

One of our specialties is precisely the care and diligence with noble and / or delicate materials. We have neutral and suitable products for the care of them, as well as a team of expert advisers in chemistry to whom we consult each special case.